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Getting connected to a church family is vital to your Christian growth and health. God’s plan for every believer is to become involved in a church family. When you are involved, there is a greater opportunity to feel connected and to meet other families and individuals within the church that can be of great encouragement to you and your family.
We encourage everyone to become involved and use the gifts that God has placed within them. There are many ways to become involved

Want to meet new people while serving others?

At the Sanctuary Of Praise we have many opportunities for you to get involved. We have ministries that are tailored to various interests and age groups. We welcome you to find one that suits your interest and skill set best.

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    More Benefits

    Not only do our ministries provide a chance for you to help others, but they also provide an opportunity to get to know others within the church. We recognize we all have special gifts; we encourage you to use your area(s) of expertise to positively contribute to a ministry or committee.

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    We are always happy to welcome new members in our church! You are welcome!


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